How to set up custom/private name servers using my own brand/domain?

This guide will help you setting up custom name servers using your own domain name.


If you only have two name servers and two name server IPs, do not set up ns3 and ns4 entries.

In the tutorial below we have demonstrated setting up custom name servers with 4 name servers and IPs. If you are setting up 2 name servers, do not set up the records for nameserver 3 and 4 and ns1 and ns2.

Custom Name Servers

To set up custom name servers in your brand, you need to complete following four steps:

Step 1 
You need to 'register' the name servers before you can use them.

Go to your domain registrar and set up 'child name servers' using following details. Some registrars may refer to this as 'glue' records.

Nameserver 1 Hostname:
Nameserver 1 IP: ns1-IP

Nameserver 2 Hostname:
Nameserver 2 IP: ns2-IP

Nameserver 3 Hostname:
Nameserver 3 IP: ns3-IP

Nameserver 4 Hostname:
Nameserver 4 IP: ns4-IP

The IPs for the nameservers have been sent to you via email after your hosting account was activated.

Step 2
Set up your reseller hosting to use the custom name servers.

To do this, log into your WHM and go to Basic cPanel & WHM Setup from left sidebar under Server Configuration. Type in your new custom name servers to be used as nameservers of your entire account and click save changes.

Your reseller hosting is now ready to use your custom name servers.

Step 3
Your main domain may still be using old name servers assigned during account setup in the DNS records of your hosting. It is time to change them to your custom name servers.

Log into your WHM and go to Edit DNS Zone > select '' to edit from left sidebar under DNS Functions. On the next page, an advanced dns editor will appear.

You need to add NS records using the hostnames of your custom name servers as mentioned below: 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS 86400 IN NS

IMPORTANT! Remove any other NS record entries.

Next, you need to add A records for your custom name servers with the custom name server IPs on the same place:

ns1 86400 IN A ns1-IP
ns2 86400 IN A ns2-IP
ns3 86400 IN A ns3-IP
ns4 86400 IN A ns4-IP

The IPs for the nameservers have been sent to you via email after your hosting account was activated.

Step 4
Now change the name servers of to your custom name servers at your domain registrar to start using your custom name servers.

You are all done.

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