How to host a new website under a reseller hosting?

It is recommended to create a new hosting account (cPanel account) and use it to upload a new website under your reseller account.

When you sign up for a reseller account with MechanicWeb, a cPanel account is created by default using your reseller username and password. Take note that, your reseller hosting control panel is WHM, not cPanel. cPanel is used to upload and manage websites, email accounts, domains, etc.

While it is convenient to add domains under a single cPanel account, it refrains you from using the full potential of a reseller hosting. With a reseller hosting, you can create multiple cPanel accounts and distribute your websites under these cPanel accounts. Using multiple cPanel accounts allows greater security and performance for your websites. Please follow the instructions below to create a new cPanel account to host a new website.


How to create a new hosting account?

To create hosting accounts, please refer to this guide:

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