1 May 2023

MechanicWeb is pleased to introduce two new features for VPS and Quasi Dedicated Server. We have upgraded our VPS and Quasi nodes to enable server backups by default. These features help safeguard your data while saving precious time in disaster recovery scenarios.

Server Backup
Server Backup creates backups of your entire server instead of individual hosting accounts. It allows reverting the entire server, including all server configurations, hosting accounts, and websites, to a previous date.

In case of a disaster or data corruption, restoring from hosting account backups requires installing and configuring software on the server before restoring the backups. Server-level backups restore the entire server, including all installed software, hosting accounts, and other configurations. Hence it is faster to restore.

Snapshots are similar to server backups and have the same benefits; only it is faster than server-level backups.


MechanicWeb has always remained ahead of the industry standards in offering industry-leading performance and security features. It upgraded its servers in Q4 2022 with AMD Ryzen 7950X and 7900X, DDR5 ECC RAM, and RAID-protected redundant PCIE 4.0 NVMe SSD. These are the fastest single-thread and multi-thread performance processors among all available server processors. PHP runs faster on processors with high single-thread performance.

More Information:

1 May 2023
These features have been enabled for all VPS and Quasi Dedicated Servers in Germany. We will gradually enable them in all other locations.

Monday, May 1, 2023

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