25 August 2023

Inspired by our recent GDPR compliance, we are pleased to announce free WHOIS Privacy (ID Protection) with all eligible domains. This involves a change of domain registrar. All existing domains will be transferred to a new registrar as per the following:

1. Starting today, all active domains will be transferred to a new registrar when you renew them. You can also request a renewal and transfer immediately.

2. All domain renewals will be due 15 days in advance of expiry to facilitate the transfer. We will generate domain renewal invoices 45 days before the expiry. You will have 30 days to pay the invoice. We will have 15 days to facilitate the transfer. We will also send multiple reminders via email.

3. As we work to improve our services and expand our product portfolio, we face the challenges of growing registry prices and costs for data center space, energy, and hardware. We have resisted changing our prices for as long as possible, even after multiple price hikes by the domain registrars and software vendors. However, with the recent price hike by Verisign, we are announcing price changes for certain domain TLDs, effective immediately for registrations, renewals, and transfers.

4. Any existing unpaid invoices will remain unchanged, and users can pay the old prices as in the invoices.

5. If you have an existing unpaid invoice where you were charged for WHOIS Privacy (ID Protection), please open a ticket if you wish to adjust the prices per the new prices.

6. If you have an automatic payment subscription for domains (not for hosting or other services), please get in touch with us to modify the subscription, or cancel the subscription from your end and recreate it again to reflect the new prices and avoid any potential billing issues.


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Friday, August 25, 2023

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