What is IOPS or I/O Speed?

Disk I/O speed determines how fast you (or your website, scripts) are allowed to perform input/output (I/O) operations per second on the server disk of your hosting, the more the better. When a visitor visits your website or you send/receive an email, your hosting is performing I/O operations on the server disk.

If you are set to a low I/O speed, your website and scripts will always perform slower, it will not matter how much storage, bandwidth, CPU or RAM you have. A slow hosting may also lead you to data loss and bad email communication.

Providing higher I/O is expensive for the server, this is why most providers don't allow more than 1 MB/s Disk I/O speed on their shared server. We provide a whopping 5 MB/s disk I/O speed on our SSD hosting servers. As a result, your websites and scripts will run faster on our hosting servers and gain higher search engine rankings on google and other search providers.
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