How to request migration?

About Account Migrations

MechanicWeb will assist you with migrating your websites free of charge from your previous host to us. This includes all your cPanel settings such as FTP accounts, mail accounts & settings, databases, subdomains and other cPanel settings.


To Request Migration

Open a ticket with cPanel/WHM login details of your hosting account with the previous provider. Please provide all details we ask for. Missing or incomplete information can and usually does delay your migration.

If you have a migration strategy outlined for you, please include the steps in the migration ticket. The staff performing your migration may not have access to it.


Help Us with Migration

If you want to help us with migration, then you may do some intervention on your part to speed things up:

  • Generate a remote backup of each account. Use the FTP details of your newly created account at MechanicWeb as the destination for the remote FTP backups.
  • Once all the backups have been uploaded, open a ticket with the migrations department requesting the files be restored, providing them with the path to the files.
  • We will then go ahead and restore the accounts.
  • After a restore, check the accounts to ensure everything has been restored successfully.


Do the Migration/Transfer Yourself

Migrating to MechanicWeb from your previous provider is easy. We have a detailed and easy to follow guide on how you can do the migration yourself. Follow the guidelines in this knowledgebase article if you want to do the migration yourself: How to transfer sites from your old hosting to MechanicWeb?


How The Migrations Department Works

Our migrations department works on a queue based system and is open business hours Monday to Friday. Migrations cannot be scheduled and may take up to 48 hours to begin. Sometimes, longer depending on the queue length (and sometimes sooner).

Migration is a resource intensive task, it may impact overall server performance if not handled properly. To ensure the optimum performance of the server, we do it on a queue based system. This is why we cannot prioritize customer migration requests, as such we recommend you leave plenty of time before your previous host cuts you off to ensure all the files are migrated successfully and any troubleshooting (if needed) can be performed.

Migrations do not operate over weekends, as such no updates or work will be done on your migration during the weekend.

We will update you when we begin migration and then again when it is complete. If there are any problems requiring an action from your part, we will let you know.

Updating your migration ticket before it has started will push it to the back of the queue and thus cause further delays. No other department will handle migrations or have any updates regarding your migration.

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