How to request migration?


MechanicWeb will assist you with migrating your websites free of charge with select hosting packages. We need full access to your old hosting account and complete cooperation to perform the migration.


Request Migration

Open a ticket with the following details of your old hosting account:

Hosting Control Panel Details

Login URL

SSH Details

SSH Port
SSH Hostname

FTP Details

FTP Hostname


  • Disable 2FA on your old hosting account before requesting migration so the migration team can work without interruption.

    Or, create a separate user with 2FA disabled and provide this user details.

  • Migrate the reseller primary account before migrating other accounts.

  • If you are migrating multiple cPanel accounts, we need the WHM login details.

  • We need the admin or DirectAdmin reseller login details if you are migrating multiple DirectAdmin accounts.

  • Please provide root login details if you have root access to the old server.

We will let you know if we need anything else. Please provide all the details we ask for. Missing or incomplete information can and usually does delay the migration. If you have a migration strategy outlined for you, please include the steps in the migration ticket. The staff performing your migration may not have access to it.


Restoring Backups/Other Migration Options

You can upload full cPanel/DirectAdmin account backups and open a ticket to restore them. Please provide the path where you uploaded the backup files.

The backups must be full account backups. After a restore, check the accounts to ensure everything has been restored successfully.


Do the Migration Yourself

Migrating to MechanicWeb from your previous provider is relatively easy. We have many detailed and easy-to-follow guides on how to perform a migration. Please refer to the Migration section of this knowledgebase for guides.


How Migrations Work

Our migrations department works on a queue-based system and is open from Monday to Friday during business hours.

Please get in touch with us if you need to schedule the migration sooner or during weekends.

We will begin the migration within a few hours of requesting it. Sometimes, it may take up to 48 hours to start, depending on the queue length.

We do not perform migrations over weekends (unless prescheduled); as such, no updates or work will be done on your migration during the weekend.

We will inform you when the migration is complete, if there are any problems during the migration, or if we need something from you.

Updating your migration ticket before it has started will push it to the back of the queue and thus cause further delays. No other department will handle migrations or have any updates regarding your migration.

Migration is a resource-intensive task; it may impact overall server performance if not handled properly. To ensure the optimum performance of the server, we do it on a queue based system. This is why we cannot prioritize migration requests; we recommend you leave plenty of time before your previous host cuts you off to ensure all the files are migrated successfully, and any troubleshooting (if needed) can be performed.


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