How to directly upload backups from another hosting account?

When you are migrating to MechanicWeb, you can directly upload backups from your previous hosting to your hosting account with us without downloading them to your device. Once uploaded, feel free to request a restore whenever you need.



If your previous hosting account is cPanel based, you can automatically upload a backup to your new hosting account with us:

  • Log in to your previous host's cPanel.

  • Navigate to cPanel > Backup > Download a Full Account Backup

  • Select 'Remote FTP Server (Passive)'.

    Select 'Remote FTP Server' if you get any error 'Could not open data connection to port' during backup generation.

  • Enter your email address and the FTP details of your hosting account with us:

    Email Address:
    Remote Server: or
    Remote User: username
    Remote Password: password
    Port: 21
    Remote Dir: <leave empty>

    *Replace with your server hostname or with your server IP address.
    *Replace username with your cPanel/DirectAdmin username.
    *Replace password with your cPanel/DirectAdmin password.

    You can find the above details in your hosting account information email.

  • Click 'Generate Backup'.

  • Done! Wait for the backup to be generated and uploaded.

Do not generate more than one backup at a time, as it might delay the process. After backup generation is complete, it will automatically be uploaded to your hosting account, and you will receive a notification at the email address you provided. Open a ticket to restore the backup.

You can also choose 'Home Directory' to store the backup on your old hosting account during backup generation. You can then download and upload it to your hosting account with us. Open a ticket with us if you need help generating your backups.


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