Does PHP Run Faster on High Clock Speed CPUs?

PHP is a single-threaded application. The faster the thread, the faster PHP will run. High clock speed CPUs provide the highest single threaded performance. This is why PHP runs faster on high clock speed CPUs.


We have built our servers using high clock speed CPUs to deliver high PHP performance. Fast PHP processing results in faster page load times for your websites. We have recently added Intel Xeon E-2288G, which is the fastest CPU to date in its line up. It features a whopping 5.0 GHz boost clock.


5.0 GHz 1 Core vs 3.3 GHz 2 Cores

PHP will run faster on 5.0 GHz 1 Core vs 3.3 GHz 2 Cores in most cases. When a server parses PHP, it uses only a single core for that process. The faster the core, the faster the page will be generated.

If your website requires a high amount of server resources and CPU processing power, it might need more than 1 CPU Core. Even then, the higher the clock speed of the CPU, the faster your page will be generated.

You can consider our Semi Dedicated and Managed VPS Hosting plans if you need multiple CPU cores for your website.

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