Resource limits for cPanel Reseller Hosting

cPanel Reseller Hosting comes with two types of resources: XL limits and Standard limits.

XL packages have VPS-like resource pools; Sub Accounts on an XL package share the pool's resources, much like a VPS.

Standard (non-XL) packages do not have any resource pool; each Sub Account has preset amounts of resources.


Server Hardware

Reseller hosting packages are powered by high-frequency CPUs with up to 2x per-core performance of regular CPUs and high-speed DDR5/DDR4 memory.

Learn more: High Frequency Compute


It is the number of files and folders each Sub Account can have. A cPanel account with newly installed WordPress and all other system files and logs uses about 3,000 Inodes.

  • A Sub Account can have a maximum of 500,000 Inodes.

  • A reseller account with 25 Sub Accounts can have 25 x 500,000 Inodes, but a single Sub Account cannot exceed 500,000 Inodes.

XL Limits

XL packages have VPS-like resources, and resellers can set the limits of their Sub Accounts from their reseller control panels.

Resource Pool
The resources mentioned in an XL package are allocated to the entire reseller account, similar to a VPS.

If you have 16 GB RAM, the total RAM allocated to all your Sub Accounts is 16 GB.

Higher Burst Limit
Each Sub Account can burst to the reseller's resource limits.

If you have 16 GB RAM, each Sub Account can burst to 16 GB. You can set the resource limits of each Sub Account or let each burst to 16 GB.

Overselling is enabled. Only the actual usage counts towards the resource limit.

If you have a reseller package with 16 GB RAM, you can set 20 GB or more to one or more Sub Accounts, but they won't be able to use more than 16 GB (your limit). The combined usage of all your Sub Accounts cannot exceed 16 GB (your limit).

Better Performance
If you have 6 CPU cores and 16 GB RAM, you can set each Sub Account to burst to 6 CPU cores and 16 GB RAM.

This provides better performance for all Sub Accounts as they can utilize larger amounts of CPU and RAM.

Each Sub Account is isolated, much like a VPS, so one account's issues cannot impact another.

Inodes, Memory, Storage, Sub Account Upgrade

You can upgrade the Inodes, Memory, Storage, and Sub Accounts of the following packages. Upgrades (except Inodes) are available on the order form:

Mega: Storage and Sub Accounts.
Mega XL: Inodes, Memory, Storage, and Sub Accounts.

You can order more Inodes for one or more Sub Accounts after your reseller account is activated.

Mega XL

  • CPU: 8 Cores

  • Physical Memory: 10 GB

  • Disk I/O: 250 MB/s

  • Process: 800

  • Entry Process: 400

  • IOPS: 8,192

Swift XL

  • CPU: 6 Cores

  • Physical Memory: 8 GB

  • Disk I/O: 200 MB/s

  • Process: 600

  • Entry Process: 300

  • IOPS: 6,144

Plus XL

    • CPU: 4 Cores

    • Physical Memory: 6 GB

    • Disk I/O: 150 MB/s

    • Process: 400

    • Entry Process: 200

    • IOPS: 4,096

Power XL

      • CPU: 3 Cores

      • Physical Memory: 4 GB

      • Disk I/O: 100 MB/s

      • Process: 300

      • Entry Process: 150

      • IOPS: 3,072

All Other Packages

Each Sub Account on a non-XL reseller package (packages without XL in their names) has the following server resources. These limits are not the entire reseller account's limits.

    • CPU: 1 Core

    • Physical Memory: 2 GB

    • Disk I/O: 50 MB/s

    • Processes: 100

    • Entry Processes: 50

    • Inodes: 500,000

    • IOPS: 1,024
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