Resource limits for DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting

The following resource limits apply to DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting. Reseller packages have VPS-like isolation.

Server Hardware

DirectAdmin reseller hosting packages are powered by high-frequency CPUs with up to 2x per-core performance of regular CPUs and high-speed DDR5/DDR4 memory.

Learn more: High Frequency Compute

Resource Limits

Each Sub Account under a DirectAdmin reseller hosting has the following limits. If you have 50 DirectAdmin accounts, each of them has the following limits:

  • CPU: 1 Core

  • Physical Memory: 1 GB

  • Disk I/O: 50 MB/s

  • Process: 100

  • Entry Process: 50

  • Inodes: 500,000

  • IOPS: 1,024

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