Resource limits for DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting

The following resource limits apply to DirectAdmin Reseller Hosting. Reseller packages have VPS-like resources, and resellers can set the limits of their Sub Accounts from their reseller control panels.

  • The resources mentioned in a package are allocated to the entire reseller account.

    For example, if you have 6 GB RAM, the total RAM allocated to all your Sub Accounts is 6 GB.

  • Overselling is enabled. Only the actual usage counts towards the resource limit.

    If you have a reseller package with 6 GB RAM, you can set 10 GB or more to one or more Sub Accounts, but they won't be able to use more than 6 GB (your limit). At any point in time, the combined usage of all your Sub Accounts cannot exceed 6 GB (your limit).


It is the number of files and folders each Sub Account can have. A DirectAdmin account with newly installed WordPress uses about 3,000 Inodes.

  • A Sub Account can have a maximum of 250,000 Inodes.

  • A reseller account with 25 Sub Accounts can have 25 x 250,000 Inodes, but no Sub Account can have more than 250,000 Inodes.


  • CPU: 3 Cores

  • Physical Memory: 4 GB

  • Disk I/O: 150 MB/s

  • Process: 300

  • Entry Process: 150

  • IOPS: 3,072


  • CPU: 2 Cores

  • Physical Memory: 3 GB

  • Disk I/O: 100 MB/s

  • Process: 200

  • Entry Process: 100

  • IOPS: 2,048


  • CPU: 2 Cores

  • Physical Memory: 2 GB

  • Disk I/O: 50 MB/s

  • Process: 100

  • Entry Process: 50

  • IOPS: 1,024

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