How to add VAT number and business information to the invoice?


You need to pay using Paddle to add your VAT information to the invoice. It is one of our payment processors. Paddle charges VAT based on your country of origin.


VAT-registered businesses will not pay VAT if the transaction is cross-border and a VAT ID is entered at the time of payment. In some countries, you can reclaim VAT.


VAT Refund:

Add your VAT details to the payment receipt if you have paid VAT and are eligible for a tax refund. Paddle will automatically process a VAT refund for your payment. The refund will be processed immediately.

Depending on your bank's policies, it may take 3-5 working days to appear in your account. If you have not received the funds within 5 working days (excluding holidays), please reach out to


Enter VAT ID During Payment

VAT is mentioned as a separate item on the Paddle payment interface when you make a payment:

  • On your invoice, choose Paddle as the payment method and click "Pay Now".

  • Click "Add VAT Number".

  • Enter your VAT details.

  • Click "Add VAT Number".


Enter VAT ID After Payment

After you pay your invoice, Paddle will send a payment receipt to your email with a link to enter your VAT information:

  • Open the payment receipt email you received from Paddle.

  • Click "View Receipt" in the email Paddle sent to access the itemized online receipt.

  • Click "Add address & VAT Number (optional)" near the top left of the online receipt.

  • Checkmark [*] "This is a business purchase" to make the VAT field visible.

  • Enter your information and click "Save".

  • Done!


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